Understanding the Possibilities of 3D Pen Art

It's easy to see how much the use of computers has shifted our ability to think about the world at large. Invariably, people in almost every role in every industry have seen that their work, and how it's completed, changed  greatly by the integrated use of the computer and moreover, powerful machines that can handle incredibly complex tasks.  The software too that is available through these advancements hs transformed some industries and rewritten job descriptions for many. This is just as true in art as it is with anything else. While people used to have to depend on their own talents, abilities and craftsmanship to work with their hands, raw materials and standard tools. Today computers running powerful software make it now possible to work with technologyallowing the artisan the creativity freedom to make amazing items that might not even have been possible in the past. 

Many artists such as Barbara Taylor Harris  are now using the 3D Pen as a very effective and creative media for their work. Many others in arts such as in the film industry and on film sets a or on stage have started working with 3D pens to create what was previously either outsourced or moddelled from clay etc. which is a time consuming and messy process. These pens are designed to produce works of art in three dimensions, which means that they will be fully interactive with the user and the viewer ie, 'walk around to view' like a sculpture rather than gazing up at flat paintings or drawings. Not only will this open up a whole new world of things that can be created using this media but it changes the way that the work is created too. As opposed to removal of material in sculpture these use additive manyfacture (as do 3D Printers which are similar technology) maybe more like a creation produced from the reformation of a material in clay for instance. For those who are new to the entire concept of a 3D pen and what kinds of things they are capable of creating, have a look first at the Polaroid Play  3D Pen, a great examlpe of a 3D Pen, the wiki for PLA this will offer an insight into the most popular medium these pens use and therefore what the completed works are made of. For more useful reference have a look here at the  filament to purchase for the Polaroid Play 3D Pen  Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament
When compared to traditional methods for detractive modeling or reconstructive the 3D Pen has many advantages. First there is usually no need to paint it. The media contains the pigment so to change colour change the filament. Second these are consructed ground up (admittedly so is a clay in some cases) It's probably closest to wire and weld sculpture where items are welded together to form a structure. In ths case the filament is heated to a designated temperature to make it maleable and able to bond, extruded onto either a base and from ther it used the layers below to 'grow'. One of the most amazing things you can see is the pen extruding into air - Yes, it will draw into the air.
Accross the world now too the 3D pen is not just designed for professional artists. Many children, in fact, have found that a 3D pen is one of their absolute favorite toys. You're going to find that there are plenty of ways in which an appropriate 3D pen will be a lot more fun to work with than just crayons when it comes to crafting unique items. By allowing childrens' imaginations to come up with all kinds of objects, they can gain a much stronger sense of the world around them and the rules by which it exists thus strengthening STEAM principles at an early age. If you're serious about inspiring your children, then you'll find that a 3D pen can e one of the best investments you can make. It's worth a note that the pens do get hot and care should be taken toensure it's an appropriate gift or that adult supervision is given.

You can really start to see why there are a wide range of great reasons to look around for a 3D pen to help you in your creativity. Regardless of the sorts of things you might like to create in your spare time, there is certainly a way to work a 3D pen into the mix. Please view this site  https://www.amaze3d.co.uk/ for further details.